Free Property Management For The First Year!

Property Management or Tenant Referral?

We offer local property owners FREE professional property management for the first year. Most companies charge half the first month’s rent plus 10% of the monthly rent. With this program we charge half the first month’s rent and waive the 10% fee for 1 year. We give you, the homeowner, the opportunity to prove our Professionalism. You want to manage the property on your own? No Problem. We also offer a service called the tenant referral program. Let us do all the hard work and hand the file off to you.


Tenant Referral Program

This program is basically a tenant location service. Once we do our job you are under full responsibility of the ongoing lease. The deposit collected will be held by you the owner. Please see the details of our responsibilities under this program. We also will do other management duties described as extras below.




Our website syndicates the listings that we enter to over 30 other websites such as Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads, Homegain, Backpage, Craigslist, Yahoo Homes, AOL Homes, and many more…..

  • We show the property
  • Take applications
  • We do background checks (Credit& Criminal)
  • We execute the lease,
  • We collect the first month’s rent and deposit
  • We hand the file to YOU!




  • Inspections (Additional Fee)
  • Evictions (Additional Fee)
  • Make ready’s (Additional Fee)
  • Contractor Coordination (Additional Fee)


Agreement Terms

This program term is a [90 day] period and will automatically renew on a month to month bases until one party gives a written notice of termination. Customer agrees to a cost of Half the first month’s rent for our basic (TRP). Extra services are due and payable at the time of service.


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